About Alberta Wellness

Alberta Wellness is a company that promotes and distributes products that enhance overall health and well-being. Through Youngevity & Nerium, Alberta Wellness helps people achieve their ideal health while enhancing the life and happiness of our customers. Alberta Wellness through the brands we represent is growing and improving the health of Albertan’s, constantly growing our network of like-minded individuals.

Nerium International is committed to making a positive impacting to as many individuals as possible. The global team of the Nerium Brand understands the power of helping people live happier and healthier lives. The culture if Nerium International is built around the companies core values that stand at the heart of the business and the products they provide. Nerium’s age-defying products help people around the world look their best. A persons age doesn’t have to define them, as Nerium products help fight the signs of aging and promote overall wellness.

Youngevity was discovered by Dr. Wallach with the mission to help people wake up each day full of energy and vitality, promoting happier and healthier lives. Youngevity promotes an unmistakable glow of radiant good health, with abundant possibilities, and ample prosperity. Youngevity exist to deliver and promote exceptional nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle for the people who use their products.

Dr. Wallach discovered that the human body requires 90 essential nutrients. With these 90 nutrients, the body can avoid, and even reverse aging and modern health concerns. Youngevity’s “90 For Life” products, is designed to help the body better absorb these essential nutrients allowing the body to perform and an optimal level while allowing the user to feel younger and healthier.